Yongnuo YN560-TX PRO Transmitter

YongNuo have announced the YN560-TX PRO, TTL and HSS enabled Radio Transmitter, and next generation 560 PRO Radio System, which will finally integrate the YN560 and YN-622 Radio Systems into one compatible system.

The new 560 PRO Radio System also now features auto sensing radio Receiver modes for Canon, Nikon, and Sony camera systems

NOTE – It appears YN622 enabled flashes and triggers will only be functional as receiver/slave units in the YN560 PRO system. While previous YN560 and RF602 / 603 enabled gear are compatible as transmitter or receiver where applicable.

The YN560-TX PRO transmitter for Canon will be available first, with Nikon and Sony versions to follow.

The new transmitter features control for 5 Groups, in TTL, Manual, and GR Group Modes (Mixed TTL & M). With remote Zoom control available where applicable.

NOTE – TTL and HSS will only be possible with the products originally supporting these functions.


  • Provides Auto Sensing Radio Receiver Modes for Canon, Nikon, and Sony camera systems.
  • Where applicable supports full TTL, HSS, Remote Manual, Multi, and Remote Zoom.


  • YN-622 / II, and YN968, YN685, etc flashes will require a firmware update to receive YN560 PRO signal.
  • RF603, YN560 III/IV, YN660, series can directly receive the YN560 PRO radio signal already.
  • New Flash models like the YN200 and YN862 also directly receive the YN560 PRO radio signal.

The chart below from YongNuo shows compatibility through the system, with the red square indicating where TTL and HSS is supported.

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