TFP (Time for Prints)

Time for Print

Time for prints is a term many photography communities use to describe an arrangement between a model and a photographer whereby the photographer agrees to provide the model with a certain number of pictures of selected photographs from the session, and a release or license to use those pictures in return for the model’s time. The word ‘Time’ refers a person’s time spent during the photo shoot. The Word “Prints” refers today to digital photos. The foundation of the concept of TFP being that both a photographer and a model get together and exchange their ‘time’, for free, and each receives the photos for their own usage.

There are benefits to both parties of such an arrangement. The model can build a portfolio of photographs to show to prospective clients at little or no cost, while the photographer gets a model for a particular project or their portfolio with little if any outlay of cash.

Working TFP is a great way for new models to get valuable practice. It also a great way for photographers to meet and work with new models and to be able to test their photo skills, photo gear and different portrait lightning setups for the photo shoot.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to do some TFP photo session with me.



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