Westcott Beauty Dish Switch by Manny Ortiz

This 36″ (91.4 cm) portable beauty dish softbox is perfect for photographers who want to create soft, controlled lighting with natural-looking catchlights. Designed for rapid setup, this lightweight, collapsible softbox opens and folds down in seconds like an umbrella. Perfect for lighting full-body portraits, headshots, and on-location photography. The beauty dish requires a Switch Insert for mounting your light.

Versatile Light Modifier for Full-Body Portraits and Beauty Headshots

  • Includes beauty dish, full-stop diffusion, deflector plate, and travel case
  • 36” (91.4 cm) nominal diameter is perfect for full-length portraits and headshots
  • Compact and lightweight softbox with the fastest setup time
  • Requires a Switch Insert to mount a compatible light source
    (I’ve ordered a Switch insert with Bowens mount)
  • Opens and collapses like an umbrella for easy setup and transport
  • Highly reflective silver interior provides maximum output with specular highlights
  • Durable metal framework and heat-resistant fabrics for dependability
  • Deflector plate eliminates a hotspot for softer beauty lighting
  • Neutral diffusion fabric provides consistent color temperature
  • Glamorous light output for beauty and portrait photography
  • Provides natural-looking catchlights in your subject’s eyes
  • Color: Silver interior


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  • Westcott Beauty Dish Manny Ortis
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