DJI Mavic Preflight Checklist

A pre-flight checklist is important for all drone pilots to complete before beginning every flight. A checklist will help ensure you bring all of your equipment to your flight, fully charged and ready to go, as well as avoid issues that could lead to a drone crash that could have easily been prevented.


  • Check weather
  • Confirm if authorizations are still valid for that place
  • Check Notam
  • Plan the flying mission
  • Charge Batteries, remote control and phone
  • Update Firmware
  • Start up the Mavic with EVERY battery to confirm batteries status and that the firmware is up to date
  • Confirm IMU is Ok in DJI Go App
  • Inspect drone components – legs, landing gear, sensors, props, gimbal
  • Pack drone, controller, spare props, phone, cables, batteries, authorizations, charger, take-Off Pad, ND filters


  • Confirm the Plans for that flying mission
  • Identify emergency landing sites
  • Check environment for hazards (trees, electrical lines, etc.)
  • Explain to spotter what to do if something happens with me, how to land the drone.
  • Start Phone and set it to airplane mode
  • Unfold arms ( Front First Then Rear ) and propellers
  • Confirm MicroSD card status/capacity
  • Remove Gimbal Cover and Gimbal Clamp
  • Inspect drone components – legs, landing gear, sensors, props, gimbal
  • Clear Lens
  • Turn on controller, unfold its antennas and connect it to the phone
  • Turn on drone
  • Confirm flight mode switch on controller and set it to P-Mode
  • Start DJI Go App
  • Confirm batteries voltages are ok in DJI Go App
  • Confirm Remote Control and phone battery level
  • Confirm IMU is ok in DJI Go App
  • Confirm Compass – Calibrate Compass if necessary (outside, no metal on my person or nearby)
  • Configure Camera settings ( ND filter, manual, exposure, etc )
  • Set RTH Altitude to appropriate height
  • Confirm if “Return to Home” is configure for disconnect
  • Set Maximum distance to appropriate distance
  • Confirm Gimbal is working fine
  • Confirm Home Point Set correctly
  • Set Focus as desired
  • Wait for “Ready to Go (GPS)” activation and confirm # of GPS Connections
  • Start video recording
  • Clear area for take off
  • Take off, hover at 40 ft for 10 seconds to acquire precision landing image


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