Westcott Apollo Deep Umbrella

The 43” (109 cm) Apollo Deep Umbrella is a high-quality softbox ideal for on-the-go photographers. With an umbrella-style frame, this deep octabank setup instantly without additional speedrings or mounts. This umbrella framework allows for quick mounting of most strobes, constant lights, or speedlites. These lights become focusable within the Apollo Deep. Lights can be adjusted as near or as far from the back of the modifier as desired, giving photographers complete control over light fall.

Designed to have a deeper profile than the original Apollo Orb, the Apollo Deep features 16 durable fiberglass ribs that create a round shape. With this deep round design, this modifier creates a directed and vast throw of light. Light is evenly projected forward with maximized output.

The modifier’s bright silver and white interior maximizes light output and adds specularity.

  • Deep profile modifier with instant setup
  • For use with strobes, constant lights, and speedlites
  • 16 durable fiberglass ribs
  • Focusable light with interior umbrella shaft
  • Maximized output with reflective shiny interior


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  • Westcott Apollo Deep Umbrella Silver White
  • Westcott Apollo Deep Umbrella Silver

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