Wescott Mega JS Apollo Softbox

  • The Mega JS Apollo softbox’s large construction creates a vast, directional light output perfect for full-length portraiture, high-key backdrops, and large product photography.
  • With flexible framework and convenient umbrella-style design, these modifiers open and collapse quickly for effortless setup and storage.
  • Do you shoot with both types of off-camera flash? Thanks to the Apollo and Halo’s versatile umbrella shaft, these modifiers can be instantly paired with both speedlites and strobes. With these softboxes, you won’t be confined to using a single lighting style or forced into buying various modifiers.
  • Unlike most softboxes, these modifiers are constructed with an umbrella-style frame. Not only does this allow for the instant assembly, but it also allows for quick strobe mounting without bulky speedrings or adapters.
  • Since their introduction in 1985, these umbrella-style softboxes have been enhanced based upon consumer requests. The latest Apollo design features a recessed edge, flexible fiberglass frame, and removable outer diffusion panel.
  • Our diffusion panels are constructed with a premium, all-natural unbleached nylon fabric. Unlike processed diffusion fabrics, these diffusers will soften your light source without altering its color temperature.
  • By directing your light source toward the Apollo’s included diffusion front, you’ll create drastic highlights with a subtle hot spot. By directing your unit towards the back of Apollo, you’ll create an even spread of light with softer shadows. You can even pick up an optional 40-degree Egg Crate Grid for more light control options.
  • Apollo softboxes are manufactured with a highly-reflective silver interior for optimized light output.


  • Creates a large light source for groups and full-length portraits
  • Lightweight softbox collapses down to the size of any umbrella
  • Versatile softbox compatible with speedlites, strobes, and monolights
  • Quick and convenient setup without speedrings
  • Designed with durable fiberglass ribs for years of use on location or in the studio
  • Features recessed edge for ultimate light control
  • Size: 50″ / 127 cm


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