Sirui T-2205X

Sirui T-2205X Carbon Fibre Tripod

The Sirui T-2205X 5-Section Carbon Fibre Tripod is a very lightweight, compact tripod that extends to a maximum height of 56.9 inches (144.5 cm) and folds down to just 14.6 inches (39 cm) for easy transport. Weighing only 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg ), the T-2205X supports loads up to 26.5 lbs (12 kg), thanks to its thick upper leg sections and forged aluminium chassis. The tripod’s centre column is reversible, and the T-2205X comes with a short centre column, so that you can set up extremely close to the ground for ultra-low-angle shooting. With the short centre column installed, you can set the legs at their wide angle (80°) and shoot from only 5.3 inches from the ground. Constructed of 8x carbon fibre, the T-2205X tripod is suitable for use with just about any head and any 35 mm camera, DSLR, point & shoot or camcorder. It’s an excellent travel model due to its relatively light weight and the fact that its legs fold upward to achieve a folded length of only 14.6 inches (39 cm) . That’s a figure that won’t necessarily grow if you attach a head, the legs extend past the height of many head models that you’ll mount, so the entire package stays very compact to fit comfortably in most carry-on bags and many backpacks.

Sirui K-20X Ball Head with Quick Release Plate

Sirui ball heads are manufactured with extreme precision and the utmost care. The high quality of the tripod heads is ensured by high-end CNC milling and a high quality surface finish. The KX series has a maximum tolerance of 0.01mm between the ball and the bearing. The K-20X works accurately and smoothly and has a firm grip on your camera. The base can be rotated by 360°, ideal for panoramic shots. The locking knob for the ball can be limited using a scale in the end stop. This means that you can adjust the movement of the head to your individual camera. For example, this prevents excessive release of the ball and unintentional tilting of the camera. The Safety Lock System prevents quick release plates from slipping. The release plate mount is compatible with the Arca Swiss system and allows various plates to be used.

  • 360° Panoramic rotation
  • 90° Tilt Setting for portrait orientation
  • Safety Lock System – prevents the plate from slipping
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
  • 3 levelling bubbles – horizontal and vertical
  • All knobs are easy and fast to operate
  • Sliding Stopper for more secure support of the camera

Technical specifications Sirui K-20X

  • Pan: 360°
  • Tilt: 90°
  • Base diameter: 54 mm
  • Ball diameter: 38 mm
  • Height: 98 mm
  • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Supports up to: 25 kg
  • TY-60 Quick release plate (49 x 60 mm)

Homepage: Sirui

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