PocketWizard FlexTT6

You can use the FlexTT6 Transceiver to control single or multiple off-camera electronic or intelligent TTL flashes. The PocketWizard ControlTL® System takes the complex TTL data being sent through the camera’s hot shoe and digitally interprets and transmits it as a reliable radio signal. You can now place TTL or manual flashes anywhere to illuminate the scene: Around corners, out-of-sight and in bright sunlight. The FlexTT6 is compatible with any PocketWizard radio including the Canon MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 for triggering manual flash or remote cameras.

The Canon-specific FlexTT6 radio works within the Canon E-TTL II system. All references to TTL are exclusively for the electronic or intelligent TTL systems specific to Canon (E-TTL II).

The FlexTT6 was created to make the newest generation of Canon cameras (such as the 1DX Mark II and 5D Mark IV) compatible with our ControlTL system. The difference between the FlexTT6 and FlexTT5 is a circuit board hardware change. The functions of the radios are identical. To use a FlexTT5 with a FlexTT6, the FlexTT5 will need to be updated to firmware version 6.905 or later to function properly.

To quickly begin using your radio, you might be interested in the Quick Guides or other documentation at PocketWizard.com.

Getting Started

Information you should know before using your radios. Also referred to as “READ ME FIRST” information.

Key Features

Learn more about the key features of your FlexTT6. Additional information on features can also be found at PocketWizard.com

Safety Warnings

Information about operating the radios safely can be found here.

FlexTT6 Compatibility

Find out exactly what cameras and flashes work with the Canon-specific ControlTL radios, and what specific operational considerations are required for your gear.


Battery types, polarity, and life expectancy information.

PocketWizard Utility

Connect your radios to your computer via USB and control many aspects of them via the PocketWizard Utility.

Basic Wireless TTL

Simple TTL operation instructions. Use all of your Speedlites as one zone of light with the camera making the exposure decision.

Advanced Wireless TTL

Advanced i-TTL operation instructions. Control individual zones of light. Control your remote Speedlights manually from the camera position.

Manual Flash

Trigger any remote flash simply.


Trigger a compatible remote studio flash and control its power level directly from the camera position.


Learn more about increasing your X-Sync speed using HyperSync.

High Speed Sync / Auto FP

Use your Speedlites with your camera’s fastest shutter speeds. See Understanding HyperSync and High Speed Sync.


Channels allow you to work collaboratively with other photographers, or to work with your radios exclusively.

Remote Camera Triggering

In addition to triggering remote flash, your PocketWizard radios can trigger a remote camera’s motor drive port. Relay Mode is covered in this section.

Factory Reset

Sometimes you just need the settings in your radio to be like they were when you first took them out of the box.

Status LED

This section covers the various colors and blink patterns used by the Status LED.


Radios perform best when mounted properly.

Long Range Performance

Optimize range using these techniques.

MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 Specifications

Details on radio specifics are found here.


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