Impact Saddle Sandbag

Made of thick, weather- and water-resistant Cordura nylon, the Impact Filled Black Saddle Sandbag is a staple in studios or on location for stabilizing light stands, booms, tripods, and backgrounds. The bag features rugged and durable assembly throughout. A double-zipper design is employed for safe containment and removal of the sand, as well as a webbed handle for hanging or moving.

Saddle-Style Sandbag
The two-winged saddle sandbag is designed to conform to studio equipment such as light stands, tripods, backgrounds, or any other equipment that needs support and stabilization

Sturdy Handles
Strong top and bottom handles made with nylon webbing offer options for providing a counterweight to boom arms and make transporting the sandbag easy

Weather and Water Resistant
The thick Cordura fabric stands up to the elements and keeps the contents dry

Double-Zipper Design
The double-zipper design ensures that the contents of the bag do not spill out

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