How To Take Care of Your Godox Batteries

How To Take Care of Your Godox batteries or any other lithium-ion batteries


  • Take Your Batteries Out After Use.
    When you have finished your photoshoot, make sure to take your battery out of your flash. Some current may leach out and it can end up with batteries being drained down.
  • Don’t Store Them Fully Charged.
    Don’t put your batteries on a charger to get them to full charge and then put them in a box. Check how much charge your batteries have after a shoot by putting them on a charger for long enough to see how much charge it has. If it’s around 50% then it’s fine to put away. If you’re shooting first-thing the next day and want fully-charged batteries, then charge it up to full and put them away to use in the morning. However, if you’re not going to be using the batteries within the next 12 hours, then leave it between 50-80% charged. If it’s at zero, then charge it up a bit before putting it away. This helps the cells to last longer while in storage.
  • Don’t let them Overheat.
    Don’t let your batteries get hot for instance, don’t leave your batteries in a car on a hot day, as they can catch fire. One thing you should avoid is putting your batteries on to charge immediately after using them heavily, as they are already hot and charging them will heat them up even more. This can damage the cells, so let the battery cool down first before charging it.
  • Don’t Leave them Charging.
    Once the battery is charged up to 100%, take it off the charger and use it. Or take it off and leave it aside for a shoot the next day. Don’t leave it sitting on the charger constantly, even though it’s convenient to have a battery always fully-charged. Many fires have started because of batteries left on the charger. They heat up, the structures inside break down, and they catch fire.
  • Don’t Drain to Zero.
    While overcharging is bad, running your batteries to total exhaustion isn’t good for them either. If you get to around 10% charge while using your flash or camera, then take the batteries out and put fresh ones in. There used to be a rule with nickel metal hydride batteries that you should run them down completely occasionally, then charge back up to 100%, and some people think it still applies to lithium-ion batteries. It doesn’t, so it’s safest to let them run down to zero only when absolutely necessary – especially bigger AD600 batteries, as there’s a danger they’ll stop working entirely. The charge controllers won’t recognise the cells any more because the voltage isn’t high enough to be recognized by their programming, so try not to let them get all the way down to zero.
  • Always Carry a Spare.
    It’s best to always have two batteries on you when you shoot because if you do run out of charge you aren’t stuck. A spare means you don’t have to run one battery all the way down to zero before you charge it as you have another one to swap it with.


Here’s a table which shows Godox batteries, strobes, and speedlights are compatible with each other:

Godox Strobe/Speedlight Compatible Battery Battery Charger
Godox AD400Pro Flash Strobe Godox WB400P Godox Battery Charger for AD400Pro Flash Head
Godox AD200, Godox AD200Pro Flash Strobe Godox WB-29 Godox UC29 USB Charger
Godox AD600Pro Flash Strobe Godox WB-26 Godox C26 Battery Charger
Godox Ving V860II Speedlight Godox VB-18 Godox VC-18 Battery Charger
Godox V350 Speedlight Godox VB-20 Godox C20 Battery Charger, Godox UC20 USB Charger
Godox AD600BM, Godox AD600B Flash Strobe Godox WB-87 Godox WC-87 Battery Charger
Godox V1 Speedlight Godox VB-26 Godox VC-26 Battery Charger


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