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Godox AD360

Godox Witstro AD360 kit

Settet består av en Witstro AD360 blits og tilhørende batteripakke, Probac PB 960.


Propac PB960
Dual-Output power source for flash.
Apply to camera flashes like Canon 580EXII, Nikon SB900 and Sony F58AM. Ideal and a must for photojournalism, wedding, sports, and location photography!.
As a high-performance flash power source, PB960 offers more flashes with faster recycling.

  • Large-capacity lithium battery up to 1800 flashes per charge at full power, for Canon 580EXII and Nikon SB900.
  • Battery chamber replaceable, more flashes with spare units, shooting never interrupted.
  • Compatible with on-camera flashes from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Metz, Quantum, Nissin and Godox etc.
  • Fast recycle time of one second for Canon 580EXII and Nikon SB900 at max power.
  • Dual output design, two separate outputs powering two flashes without reducing recycling speed.
  • Light weight, compact, durable and portable, LED lights indicator indicating working status and battery level.


 Witstro tilbehør

Shoot with Grid
Concentrate light in a small area and hightlights the product details, border areas fade into dark.
Model: AD-S9

Umbrella-style reflector
Throws clean and diffused light over longer distance.
Model: AD-S6

 Y adapter for power pack
Design for Godox Propac power pack. Using a two-in-one Y adapter and a power cable, a flash will largely accelerate in recycling. This fits for most photograhers demand of fast recycling.
Supposed a flash recycles in 2 seconds on a power pack. The flash will reduce its recycling time to 1 second after using the Y adapter.
Model: DB-02

PB820 Flash Cables
Model: PB-Cx (for Canon)
Canon 430EX, 540EX, 550EX, 580EX, 580EX II and other flash model with same type of input port.
Other models : PB-Nx (for Nikon), PB-Sx (for Sony), PB-Mx (for Metz), Godox AD-S1 (for Witstro AD360)

Wireless Power-control Flash Trigger
Model: FT-16

AA batteries
Some flashes requires that you install AA batteries into the battery compartment for powering the computer circuits, even when using the flash power connector cable.
If AA batteries are required, PB820 will nevertheless provide most of the power required for the flash. When using dedicated modules it may be necessary to power them also by inserting batteries into your flash.


Forhandler i Norge: Fotobag.no

Produsent: Godox
Tilbehør til Witstro blitssystem

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