Godox Parabolic Softboks 85cm silver

Godox Parabolic Softbox AD-S85S 85cm with Godox mount for AD300PRO and AD400PRO.

Softbox AD-S85S is commonly used in advertisemetns, movies, portrait photography, wedding, etc. Godox Mount design allows you easily use with Godox AD300Pro and 400Pro strobe lights and ML60 continuous light. A key features of this parabolic deep softbox design is the quick release umbrella frame which allows you to easy set up the softbox without any assembling.

Resembling a tulip cup, very deep canopy of this softbox is one of its important features. This shape allows the user to control precisely where the light falls and get an ultimate soften light stream that helps you make perfect shooting.

Always ready
Softbox AD-S85S is built on the basis of a quick folding mechanism. Thanks to this, you can prepare it very well, connect it to the lamp and start the session, and pack it quickly after it. The Softbox is delivered in a handy case easy to transport and storage.

Thanks to the Godox mount, mounting to lamps will be quick and easy. Godox Mount is a mount dedicated to lightweight, portable lamps such as AD300Pro, AD400Pro or ML60.

Better control
Get even more control over your light. Thanks to the included internal reflectors (silver/gold) you can modify your light, and thanks to the grid you can focus the beam only on the object. The softbox will be perfect for both outdoor and studio conditions.

Package Included:

  • AD-S85S parabolic softbox
  • Grid
  • 2x diffuser
  • 2x beauty reflector
  • Carrying bag
  • Original packaging
  • GodxSoftbox85-001
  • GodxSoftbox85-002
  • GodxSoftbox85-003
  • GodxSoftbox85-004
  • GodxSoftbox85-005
  • GodxSoftbox85-006
  • GodxSoftbox85-007
  • GodxSoftbox85-008

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I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer with a big passion for photography who loves to take pictures. I’m always aiming to learn new photographic skills and would like to spend more time out in the field or on a photo shoot with my camera.

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