Godox AD-S7 multi-functional Octa Grid Softbox

Godox AD-S7 multi-functional Octa Grid Softbox
August 08 15:16 2018


Unfolds like an umbrella for quick installation and easy portability.
Silver Disc: Reduce unnecessary shadow and concentrating light.
Cover this octagonal softbox with the Velcro to control light spill and make the light more soften and even, add character eyes light.
Make light uniform diffusion, soft and nature.
Used together with flash, specially for the Godox Witstro flash AD180/AD360 and the Godox AD200


Softbox Size: 480mm
Softbox Weight: 280g
Aluminum Sheet Size: Diameter 150mm
Honeycomb Cover Size: 470mm

Package Included

1 x Godox AD-S7 Multi-functional Softbox
1 x Silver Aluminum Disc
1 x Diffusion Cover for Softbox
1 x Honeycomb Cover
1 x Carry Pouch

  • Godox AD-S7 006
  • Godox AD-S7 005
  • Godox AD-S7 004
  • Godox AD-S7 003
  • Godox AD-S7 002
  • Godox AD-S7 001
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