Strobist Correction and Effects filters


Correction filters Pack

Contains practically everything you need to handle any lighting situation. CTO to convert daylight to tungsten, CTB to convert tungsten to daylight, greens to match fluorescent tubes and a wide variety of effects filters to add colour to backgrounds and accent lights.

Colour Lee Number
CTO — Full Colour Temperature Orange Lee 204
½ CTO — Half Colour Temperature Orange Lee 205
¼ CTO — Quarter Colour Temperature Orange Lee 206
CTB — Full Colour Temperature Blue Lee 201
½ CTB — Half Colour Temperature Blue Lee 202
¼ CTB — Quarter Colour Temperature Blue Lee 203
Plus Green (aka Window Green) Lee 244
½ Plus Green Lee 245
¼ Plus Green Lee 246
0.15 ND — ½ stop neutral density Lee 298
0.3 ND — 1 stop neutral density Lee 209
0.6 ND — 2 stop neutral density Lee 210

Strobist003 Strobist004 Strobist005

Effect filters Pack

 A selection of saturated effect colours for use on backgrounds and for accent lights. In addition to general effects the three primary colors (red, green and blue) can be used for colour mixing.
Colour Lee Number
Dark Green Lee 124
Yellow Lee 101
Pale Navy Blue Lee 143
Light Red Lee 182
Magical Magenta Lee 795
Pale Blue Lee 063


Universal filter holder fits to any speedlight – Canon, Nikon, Sony/Minolta, Pentax, Panasonic, Vivitar, Metz, Nissin, and Olympus. Dimensions 5cm x 7,5 cm (approx 2″ x 3″) for gels with a height of 4 and 5 cm.


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