Godox Bowens Mount SN-01 Snoot W/ Honeycomb Grid Studio Strobe Flash Light Tube

Godox SN-01 With Color Filter Conical Snoot Studio Flash Accessories Honeycomb Grid Light For Bowens Mount Studio Strobe Flash


  • Snoots are essential accessories for controlling lighting source.
  • It is perfect for hair light or dramatic accent light.
  • Very focused light eliminates flair problems with the camera.
  • Narrow coverage with sharp transition at the edge of the light circle.


  1. Light inlet diameter:95mm
  2. lamp outlet diameter:60mm
  3. overall combined length:230mm
  4. Material: Aluminium
  5. Suitable for: Professional controlling lighting source Flash Heads (universal mount)
  6. Conical snoot with bayonet
  7. Honeycomb included

​Package include

  • 1× Snoot SN-01
  • 1 Honeycomb Grid
  • 5x Color Filter
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