Godox MT01 Mini Tripod

Godox MT01 Mini Tripod
September 05 16:47 2018

Godox MT01 Mini Tripod Folding Tabletop Stand for small flashes and LED lights.


  • Godox MT01 Mini Tripod is suitable for series of DSLR/mirrorless cameras, DV, video cameras, flashes and LED video lights with 1/4″ mounting socket.
  • Also suitable for Godox latest AD200 flash and Godox A1 phone flash.
  • With compact body and easy operation, it has a wide range of application.
  • Setting 5 levels of extended length. Adjusting various of angles freely.
  • Adding height and keeping balance.


  • GodoxMT01-001
  • GodoxMT01-002
  • GodoxMT01-003
  • GodoxMT01-007
  • GodoxMT01-004
  • GodoxMT01-006
  • GodoxMT01-005
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