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Avenger E650 6.0″ Pin

Avenger E650 6-Inch Baby Pin With Collar (Silver) This little sucker makes the C-stand work. Slip it into the grip knuckle and you’ve got another pivot point. I would say,

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Avenger Junior boom arm D600 CB

The Avenger D600 Mini Boom telescopes from 117 cm – 212 cm. The chrome-plated steel boom supports up to 7 kg at its maximum extension, mounted to an optional heavy

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Avenger A2030DCB C-stand

This Avenger A2030DCB Black Turtle Base Century Stand features a detachable “turtle” base that is easily removed for easy transport. A light head can be mounted to the base directly

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Avenger Extension Arm D520B

Avenger Extension Arm D520B Colour: Black Length: 100cm (40″)  

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Avenger Griphead D200B

Avenger Grip head D200B 16mm socket Colour: Black The Avenger D200 2.5″ Grip Head is designed to hold grip arms, scrims, flags, etc. The head has a 5/8″ Baby receiver

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